2021 Conference

2021 California Seth Conference Speakers

Robert Waggoner is presenting at this year's 2021 Seth Conference! He is the author of several books on lucid dreaming, including Lucid Dreaming: Gateway to the Inner Self and Lucid Dreaming, Plain and Simple. Robert will also be taking live questions following his presentation on Lucid Dreaming.
Robert Waggoner wrote the acclaimed book, Lucid Dreaming – Gateway to the Inner Self (now in its fifteenth printing), and co-authored the award-winning book, Lucid Dreaming Plain and Simple with Caroline McCready. Both books are in Audible, Kindle, and CD/Mp3. His books have been translated into French, German, Chinese, Korean, Czech, Finnish, and other languages.
A past President of the International Association for the Study of Dreams (IASD), Waggoner serves as co-editor of the online magazine, The Lucid Dreaming Experience, (ISSN 2167-616X); the only ongoing publication devoted specifically to lucid dreaming. A lucid dreamer since 1975, he has logged more than 1,000 lucid dreams.
Waggoner frequently speaks on the science and practice of lucid dreaming at international dream conferences, workshops, and college classrooms. He has been invited to give in-person workshops on five continents.
A reader of the Seth material since the mid-1970s, he credits it with allowing him to explore lucid dreaming so deeply and profoundly.
Robert's Main Website -- https://www.LucidAdvice.com
Lucid Dreaming Experience Magazine -- https://www.DreamingLucid.com
Lucid Dreaming: Gateway to the Inner Self
Lucid Dreaming, Plain, and Simple
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"That which appears empty, such as your space, is empty only for those who do not perceive, who are blind because they fear to perceive that which the ego cannot understand. The ego, however, is also capable of greater knowledge and potentiality, and scope. It dwells in the physical universe, but it can indeed also perceive and appreciate other realities. The ego is part of the personality and as such, it can partake of sturdier, heartier, more vivid realities. The personality can dwell and does dwell in many worlds at once." - Seth