2021 Conference

2021 California Seth Conference Speakers

Chiron O'Keefe is presenting at this year's 2021 California Seth Conference! Her presentation will be, "The Nature of “Probable” Reality". 

Chiron O'Keefe is the author of "Bravely You, Bravely Me: Being You Without Apology," and a poet, singer/songwriter, lifelong dreamer, and a long-time Seth reader. As a teen, prompted by evocative dreams and experiences, she began her journey to explore the mysteries of life and develop an understanding of what reality just might be.

Chiron has studied and incorporated Seth's concepts and philosophy for decades. Active in Seth groups beginning with Seth Network International and the CompuServe forums in the 1990s, she's also led group explorations on the nature of reality, beliefs, dreams, and probable realities. She's lectured on astrology and had articles published in American Astrologer. While a practicing astrological counselor in southern Oregon, she incorporated Seth's ideas in each session.

She's currently working on her second book. She continues exploring and expanding on Seth's concepts, interweaving psychology, the writings of similar teacher-colleagues, her own metaphysical experiences and her ever-growing comprehension of the nature of existence.

You can follow Chiron at her author page on FB at https://www.facebook.com/chironokeefe.

For information about her book, visit her website at https://www.chironokeefe.com. You can also sign up for her newsletter!

"Bravely You, Bravely Me: Being You Without Apology," is available on Amazon and on Kindle Unlimited, you can find her Amazon page here: https://tinyurl.com/fmnpshru


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Bravely You, Bravely Me: Being You Without Apology

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"...there is no evil in basic terms ... as you each move individually through the dimensions of your own consciousness, you will understand that all seeming opposites are other faces of the one supreme drive toward creativity." - Seth