2021 Conference

2021 California Seth Conference Speakers

Richard Gentle is presenting at this year's 2021 California Seth Conference and taking Q & A following his presentation.

Richard is based in the UK and was introduced to Seth’s, ‘The Nature of Personal Reality’, by a friend, in 1987. Before this, he had spent 9 years reading books on various faiths and spiritual teachers – mainly Indian and Tibetan… and also, mostly deceased. Richard attended a number of talks and workshops on subjects such as astral projection, reincarnation, and
healing, and later, joined a group exploring metaphysics. However, it wasn’t until reading Seth that he felt he had finally discovered an authenticity and breadth of knowledge, second to none – and largely unfiltered by human personal beliefs and cultural values.

Richard began to write about his experiences and self-published his first observations on creating reality in a booklet called: ‘How We Perform Negative Miracles’. More books followed and the most recent of these include supporting quotes from Seth.

Richard lives his daily life with Seth always present and feels his main strength is to see the bigger picture and not focus exclusively on one small area of interest.

“I have always said: ‘everyone has a piece of the puzzle, no matter their position or status in

In 2000, Richard was invited to work in Belgium with blue sky research company, Starlab, who, among other things, wanted to explore serendipity among its contributors. A few years later, in 2011, Richard gave a talk at a Starlab reunion in Barcelona, which in 2012 became the book: ‘Quantum Mass Superstructures – creating the world you experience’.


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Daily Seth Quote

“We are individualized portions of energy, materialized within physical existence, to learn to form ideas from energy, and make them physical (this is idea construction). We project ideas into an object so that we can deal with it. But the object is the thought, materialized. This physical representation of an idea permits us to learn the difference between the "I" who thinks and the thought. Idea construction teaches the "I" what it is, by showing it its own products in a physical manner. We learn by viewing our own creations, in other words. We learn the power and effects of ideas by changing them into physical realities, and we learn responsibility in the use of creative energy...” - Seth