2021 Conference

2021 California Seth Conference Speakers

Laura Shanley is presenting at this year's 2021 Seth Conference! Laura’s talk is titled: "My Magical Life: 44 Years of Seth Applied". Laura will also be taking live questions following her presentation.

Laura Shanley is an author, speaker, and childbirth consultant, recognized as a leading voice in the natural-birth movement. Laura has been an avid Seth reader since 1977 and began her childbirth experience using Seth-inspired practices. Her expertise in natural birthing is frequently sought by television and movie production companies,  and she has been featured in major media including ABC News, "20/20," "The Doctors," BBC,  Disney, the New York Times, Reuters, and The Washington Post.  Laura has read everything that was ever written by Seth and Jane Roberts and continues to be delighted and fascinated by the material. Laura is a humorous and refreshing speaker, and always looks forward to sharing and connecting with like-minded people!

For more information about Laura’s work or to contact her visit https://www.unassistedchildbirth.com 

Daily Seth Quote

"That which appears empty, such as your space, is empty only for those who do not perceive, who are blind because they fear to perceive that which the ego cannot understand. The ego, however, is also capable of greater knowledge and potentiality, and scope. It dwells in the physical universe, but it can indeed also perceive and appreciate other realities. The ego is part of the personality and as such, it can partake of sturdier, heartier, more vivid realities. The personality can dwell and does dwell in many worlds at once." - Seth