Sixth Annual California Seth Conference

Dear Friends and California Seth Conference Goers:


We've done it again. It was a wonderful conference. I thought something really nice came together--some kind of flow, camaraderie, something...I feel how people are really shifting into the application of the Seth material from many different perspectives. It is just nice to witness that this is a living, breathing "path" and it is regenerating itself post Jane and Rob. Your efforts of course, have provided one of the key elements that is helping that happen.

This years Conference really was about applying the Material. I do not feel that Seth wanted it to be only a mental excerise. I will keep guiding the conferences to be about how to apply it to our daily experiences.

The conference continues to grow, and each year outshines the last. You can count on the next one number seven, will outshine the last. So visualize yourself being a part of this yearly family gatereing, And attend next year for another shot of energy joy and community.

 Go to the gallery, and click on 2014 and check out this years photos, Taken by our friend Bill Filler.





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Jane Roberts Interview