2022 California Seth Conference

Speaker introduction for the 2022 California Seth Conference.

Barrie Gellis is presenting at this year's 2022 California Seth Conference! His presentation will be, “What is a victim in a world of creating your own reality?”.

I, Barrie Gellis, am an ORIGINAL member of Jane Roberts’ original SETH CLASSES held in  Jane’s apartment in Elmira, NY. 

I was ONE of the New York Boys as the CLASS soon referred to us.

We made QUITE the JOURNEY to GET to class EACH WEEK.

Each Tuesday, we made a FIVE-HOUR drive FROM our homes in Clearview, a neighborhood in northeastern, Queens, NY – to Elmira, in upstate NY,

We left around 1:30 pm--And AFTER stopping for LUNCH  at the HALF-WAY point of Roscoe’s Diner--on Route 17—we ARRIVED at class a little bit BEFORE the 7 pm STARTING time. 

It was a long class--4-HOURS long--with a 15-minute break.

After 11 PM WHEN class FINALLY ended, we drove a few blocks to eat again and WIND DOWN at McDonald’s--before beginning our 5-HOUR RETURN trek home.

We arrived BACK in Queens the next day—Wednesday, about 5 am.

AND we drove this 10-HOUR back-and-forth trip EACH and EVERY Tuesday—RETURNING home on Wednesday morning at 5 AM.

IRONICALLY this is the TITLE of Simon and Garfunkel’s first album
and ALSO a PHRASE in the Beatles song, “A Day in the Life.”

But that’s enough about our Grammy adventures.

Getting back to ME, right NOW, I have been STUDYING the Seth material 
for 50 years.  

I also MAY be the most-ACTIVE-online original Seth Class member.

In 1972, AFTER reading some poems IN class, Seth REFERRED to me as "Our Poet.” I have now written MORE than 4000 poems, including my 
poetry book called "Outside Is a Secret Key."   

My current book is called: “Seth MATERIAL Q&A: The Spiritual Inner Journey of Self Awareness—Original Seth Class Member Answers Your Questions.”   

You can buy it from me at bargell@aol.com or at Amazon.

ALSO, I have given MANY Seth presentations and interviews. 

My NEXT book will be called “SETH CLASS Q&A.” And I want to PUBLISH many MORE poetry books.

This presentation ANSWERS the question: “WHAT is a VICTIM in a WORLD of Creating Your Own Reality?”

I will COMBINE three QUESTIONS together: 
1. DO we Create Our Own Reality? 
2. What does THAT actually MEAN? 

3. If a VICTIM Creates His Own Reality, is it the VICTIM’S FAULT  
that he or she was beaten, raped, robbed, murdered, and so forth? 

In short, WHAT is a VICTIM in a WORLD of Creating Your Own Reality?

This presentation will be FOLLOWED by a LIVE Question-And-Answer period in which you may ASK about ANY SETH concept you want to DISCUSS, CLARIFY, or CHALLENGE.

Also, ANYONE who wishes to contact me at ANY time with comments or questions, please email me at bargell@aol.com 

Thank you very much.

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Seth Material Q&A: The Spiritual Inner Journey of Self Awareness: Original Seth Class Member Answers Your Questions

outside is a secret key

You can watch the 2022 California Conference on April 2 & 3, 2022 live on our website or live on our YouTube channel. Live Q & A questions will come from our YouTube channel chat during the live conference.

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