2021 California Seth Conference

Watch the 2022 California Seth Conference.

California Seth Conference 2022 - Day One - Afternoon

We are pleased to present the 2022 California Seth Conference held on Saturday, April 2, 2022, and Sunday, April 3, 2021. We have split the conference videos into four parts; Saturday and Sunday, morning and afternoon. This is day one, afternoon, with host Thomas Leichardt and Q&A host Virginia Bennett.

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Helen Stewart

Dr. Helen L. Stewart was first introduced to the Seth material in 1972 and has been immersed in it ever since. While she has “good paper” from mainstream academic institutions, Helen still considers the Seth material to be the foundation of her intellectual history and broader identity. She helped moderate the Seth corner of the 1990’s New Age Forum on CompuServe, a forum with more than 75,000 members in its heyday! She also taught Seth classes in her home and elsewhere for many years.

In 2013 Helen published a book about business applications of intuition through Balboa Press entitled Seven Seconds or Less: From Gut Feeling to Bottom Line in Challenging Areas of Business. Intuitive business and personal consulting has been her primary focus since she left the academy, and the book is based in part on case studies stemming from that work. 

Helen is currently developing a series of essays called Grits and Granola, as well as other writing projects.

Below are a few links to help you get to know Helen a bit more prior to the conference:

Website: http://drhelenstewart.com

Email Address:  helenstewart7@yahoo.com

Facebook Personal Page:  helen.l.stewart

LinkedIn: helenlstewart

Amazon Author Page: https://www.amazon.com/Helen-L.-Stewart/e/B00MQAEVWU?ref_=dbs_p_eb

(2013): Seven Seconds or Less… is available online at Amazon.com or via a link on her website: https://drhelenstewart.com/about-helen-3/


Chiron O'Keefe
Choron is the author of "Bravely You, Bravely Me: Being You Without Apology," and a poet, singer/songwriter, lifelong dreamer, and a long-time Seth reader. As a teen, prompted by evocative dreams and experiences, she began her journey to explore the mysteries of life and develop an understanding of what reality just might be.

She's currently working on her second book. She continues exploring and expanding on Seth's concepts, interweaving psychology, the writings of similar teacher-colleagues, her own metaphysical experiences, and her ever-growing comprehension of the nature of existence.

You can follow Chiron at her author page on FB at https://www.facebook.com/chironokeefe.

For information about her book, visit her website at https://www.chironokeefe.com.

You can also sign up for her newsletter! "Bravely You, Bravely Me: Being You Without Apology," is available on Amazon and on Kindle Unlimited, you can find her Amazon page here: https://tinyurl.com/fmnpshru


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Books Bravely You, Bravely Me: Being You Without Apology

HOST Thomas Leichardt
Visit Thomas at his YouTube (channeling, meditations, qigong): https://www.youtube.com/c/ThomasLeichardt And his website - https://www.SumariHealingArts.com

Co-Host Virginia Bennett Ph.D. Virginia is presented at this year's 2022 California Seth Conference! Her presentation was, “Jane Roberts Died for Our Sinful Selves: A Resurrection”. ------


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