Past California Seth Conference Speakers & Presenters

We are proud to present all of the great folks that have been speakers and presenters of past conferences.

Lawrence Davidson

Lawrence DavidsonLawrence Davidson is the organizer, creator and heart and soul of the California Seth Conference, and he is the one that saw this conference as a reality six years ago. Lawrence was a member of Jane Robert's ESP class from December 1972 until classes ended in 1975. Lawrence is known as Lauren Del Marie in "Conversations With Seth", and as Larry in "Adventures In Consciousness" and "Psychic Politics". After he left the East Coast and moved to California, Lawrence co-created the science fiction show "Probabilities" for KPFA radio with fellow class member Richard Wolinsky in 1976 and was co-producer for 10 years. He is also the co-author of the award winning book "Pulp Culture" with Frank M. Robinson, a collection of early fiction magazine covers first published in 1998. Lawrence continues to inspire our Bay Area Seth Groups meetings with his first-hand knowledge of what Seth said, and can always be counted on to steer us back to the main point that Seth was trying to get across: you get what you focus on.

Virginia Bennett

Virginia BennettVirginia Bennett, Ph. D. is a psychologist with a private practice in Berkeley, California where she incorporates hypnosis with psychodynamic and cognitive therapy. She is a core faculty member in the Counseling Psychology program at Argosy University at the San Francisco Bay Area campus. With a doctoral degree in psychology and a specialization in parapsychology, she has spent her life, personally and professionally, seeking an integration of mainstream psychology and metaphysical explorations, including past life regressions, lucid dreaming, altered states, and probable realities. She takes an integrated approach that acknowledges the complexity of human beings, including physical and biological, emotional, mental, and transpersonal dimensions.  She has been a “Seth head” since reading the material in 1975. Under the premise of “wherever you go, there you are,” and with the ineffable goal of “know thyself,” she seeks to apply the Seth material, combined with psychological understanding, to help people create a reality that is worth living. To paraphrase Seth, if it isn’t fun [or meaningful, or satisfying], we are doing it…why?

Lynda Dahl

Lynda DahlLynda Madden Dahl is the award-winning author of eight Seth/Jane Roberts-based books; co-founder of Seth Network International (formed in 1991 and now on Facebook, along with Lynda’s Seth page and Group). She has been a speaker at many Seth conferences and workshops, having co-produced over 25 of them; a guest on numerous TV and radio shows; and was the publisher of the magazine Reality Change: The Global Seth Journal for seven years. You are cordially invited to contact her at or

Thomas Leichardt

Thomas LeichardtAs many already recognize, the Seth Material is a fresh translation of vast inner awareness and vitality into words, devoid of over-identification with dogma, rigid beliefs, and religious symbolism. For this reason it sheds powerful light upon any practices used to expand awareness and foster awakened conscious reality creation. In fact it provides not only the inner mechanics but also the step by step instructions. For this reason, Thomas Leichardt has passionately studied and practiced the Seth Material along side his study and practice of Chinese medicine, the energetic healing arts and Daoist inner alchemy. Teaching people to awaken their own awareness is a real passion for Thomas, for it mirrors his own passion for awakening and exploring the furthest reaches of consciousness, and then translating this expansion back into physical terms.

Kerstin Sjoquist

Kerstin SjoquistKerstin Sjoquist has been a Seth reader since the early 1980s and credits the books as foundational to the development of her world-view. Along the way she began to facilitate classes and workshops in the area of personal growth, sharing the techniques and knowledge that she had found useful in her own process. In 2001 she formed Consciousness Arts and produced the lauded Bliss Trips series of guided meditation CDs. Most recently Kerstin is thrilled to combine 18 years of professional web development experience with her master's degree from the California Institute of Integral Studies in her new position as Web Services Coordinator at the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS).

Paul Giurlanda

Paul GiurlandaPaul Giurlanda is Professor of Theology and Religious Studies at St. Mary’s College of California, and has taught in that department for thirty years. He has published or made presentations over the years on the topics of interpretation theory, the thought of Hans-Georg Gadamer, and, more recently, the relationship of Catholic theology to gay/Lesbian life. Discovering the writings of Jane Roberts and the teachings of Seth totally up-ended his philosophical apple-cart, and he is busy exuberantly re-creating his own reality in a new key.

Jon Klimo

Jon KlimoWith undergraduate and graduate degrees from Brown University and a doctorate in psychology, Jon Klimo has taught in doctoral programs for the past 35 years, including eight years at Rutgers University, and is currently in his 11th year as core faculty (now Full Professor) in the clinical program at the San Francisco Bay Area campus of The American Schools of Professional Psychology, Argosy University. He has published numerous articles and conference proceedings. He is considered the leading authority on the phenomenon of channeling, based on his definitive book, Channeling: Investigations on Receiving Information from Paranormal Sources (1988, 1998). In 2006, he co-authored Suicide: What Really Happens in the Afterlife?   In 2010 he co-authored, Handbook to the Afterlife. He has appeared on approx 20 television and 120 radio programs, including “Coast to Coast A.M.” with both Art Bell and George Noory as hosts. As a lifelong multi-disciplinarian, he has done extensive research, publishing, teaching, and presentations in the areas of creativity, intuition, imagination, parapsychology, transpersonal psychology, consciousness studies, new paradigm science, and Ufology/Extraterrestriology. At present he is seeking a publisher for two completed book manuscripts and is in the process of finishing three others.

Ejay (Ambrus) Jamb

Ejay (Ambrus) JambEjay Ambrus or better known as Ejay Jamb in the Facebook world is the online administrator for Seth Network Australia. She started reading ‘Nature of the Psyche’ at age twenty six while living in Los Angeles and continued, in her own words, ‘to inhale the Seth books’ for many years. She moved back to her native Australia in 1993.
 Ejay has been a librarian, administrative and accounts manager, writer and poet. She also has a background in teaching martial arts, yoga and vegetarian cooking.  An enthusiastic gardener, Ejay admits she is a bit of an alchemist, creating extracts from her green friends and making tinctures, perfumes and flavour ingredients for cooking.
Being a humorist, Ejay sees the funny side of life and laughingly describes herself as ‘irreverent’. Apart from her Seth based activities; she is currently working on a book of humorous poetry and anecdotes for publication in ‘the spacious present’.
Teaching has been a strong theme in Ejay’s life. By administering Seth Network Australia with her ‘spiritual partner’ Glen Payne, she brings a wealth of life experience to the Seth community and facilitates with gentle guidance and humour. She is committed to supporting newer readers make sense of what is often considered ‘dense’ information. Ejay’s favourite Seth quote provides her with the basis for what she considers is the best way to live a good life …’If it’s not fun, then stop doing it’.

Robert Axelrod

Robert AxelrodRobert Axelrod attended Jane Roberts ESP class in the 70's. He's one of the "New York Boys" and is the fellow sitting behind-left of Jane/Seth in the famous Seth video. Robert credits Jane and Seth with having centered his life, which was scattered in every which direction until the classes brought him focus. He has gone on to have successful careers in music, acting, writing, and public relations on both coasts. He is currently voicing cartoons for Winckler Productions in Los Angeles, and reviewing plays for L.A.s Campus Circle Magazine.

Richard Wolinsky

Richard WolinskyRichard Wolinsky was a member of Jane Roberts' ESP class from June 1973 until the class ended at the end of February 1975, and appears in "Conversations with Seth" and "Unknown Reality Vol. 2" under the name "Will Petrosky." From 1976 through 2001, he produced and co-hosted a literary book program on KPFA-FM in Berkeley, and since 2001 has produced and hosted "Bookwaves: A Program about Books" nationally on the Pacifica Network. He has also been at various times a magazine editor, freelance writer, television associate producer, and elections specialist.

Laura Shanley

Laura ShanleyLaura Shanley is an author, speaker, and childbirth consultant, recognized as a leading voice in the natural-birth movement.   Laura has been an avid Seth reader since 1977 and began her childbirth experience using Seth-inspired practices. Her expertise in natural birthing is frequently sought by television and movie production companies,  and she has been featured in major media including ABC News, "20/20," "The Doctors," BBC,  Disney, the New York Times, Reuters, and the Washington Post.  Laura has read everything that was ever written by Seth and Jane Roberts, and continues to be delighted and fascinated by the material. Laura is a humorous and refreshing speaker, and always looks forward to sharing and connecting with like-minded people!

Meredith Sabini

Meredith SabiniMeredith Sabini, MS, PhD, is founding director of The Dream Institute of Northern California, a licensed clinical psychologist, and state-certified continuing education provider. After an early opening of the interior life, she embarked on a career in the area of mystical psychology. She has publications and presentations on wisdom traditions, cross-cultural healing practices, and historic and contemporary modes of visionary experience. Trained in Jungian psychology, she practiced as a therapist 1977–1997; taught at CSPP, CIIS, and Pacifica; and now specializes in doing dream training and in consulting with those wishing to integrate spiritual experiences. She has three chapters in The Sacred Heritage (Routledge, 1997); Smithsonian magazine (Nov 2010) published her recent commentary on the medium Pearl Curran. She read Seth books when they first came out and recently returned to the material to explore Seth’s statements on dreams; a brief summary of this appears in DreamTime (Spring 2011). Her presentation at this conference will emphasize the soundness and timely significance of Seth’s contributions regarding individual and mass dreams.

Mary Dillman

Mary DillmanMary Dillman has spent over 13 years researching the Jane Roberts Papers archived at Yale University. While continuing to frequent manuscripts and archives, she has extended her research beyond the library collection. She is in the process of contacting and interviewing people who knew Jane and Rob during different phases of their lives, including former ESP class members. These interviews, as well as documents and audio tapes, are forming an ancillary collection for eventual use by other researchers. In her presentations Mary enjoys sharing her discoveries along with her adventures and insights from using the Jane/Rob/Seth ideas in her own life.

Nancy Ashley

Nancy AshleyNancy Ashley is a retired professor from the University of Hawaii, where she taught writing. She is the author of three Seth workbooks: Create Your Own Reality, Create Your Own Happiness, and Create Your Own Dreams. She lives on Oahu.

Don Middendorf

Don MiddendorfDon Middendorf has been trying to use and understand the ideas in the Seth material for most of his current life.  He teaches dreams, physics, and consciousness studies at a non-traditional college and credits the Seth Material for his initial attraction to all 3 fields.  He is fascinated by the biophysical mechanisms of reality co-creation, but is even more interested in approaches and methods for leading a fulfilling, exuberant, and satisfying life.  Recently, he has been focused on gratitude and he is especially grateful for the chance to interact with like-minded old and new friends at the conference.

David Cielak

David CielakFrom the late ‘70s when “Seth Speaks” literally feel off a bookstore shelf into his lap in Portland Oregon David has been captivated by and actioning the Seth materials in his life and workplace.  A life theme of working with people in rehabilitation (M.Sc. Rehabilitation) and welfare settings led to varied roles and led to migrating to Australia.  David’s interest in helping people help themselves lead to the formation of a number of companies that have, with the help of many, grown to help thousands of disadvantaged people every year gain and maintain employment.  A key interest of Davids has been how to apply the concepts and working within the dream state using the Seth Material in a practical, fun,  and widespread manner that helps clients, staff, management, companies and governments achieve their value fulfilling goals.  It’s been a fun an thrilling ride which just gets more exciting in using the concepts in an ever larger application.

Michael Steffen

Michael SteffenMichael Steffen, partner in the new Seth Network International, has been an active student of the Seth material since the early 1980s. He has written published articles on a variety of Seth related topics and has spoken about the practical implications of Seth’s ideas at various conferences, seminars and workshops. Michael enjoys sharing insights concerning the application of Seth’s principals on the practice of everyday living, and believes that this exploration will lead us toward fulfilling, conscious, and satisfying lives. He is currently working on a book about learning to live life with complete trust.

Morgan McKay

Morgan McKayMorgan McKay started her journey into the world of metaphysics by first embracing the Seth Material when she was 10 years old. She went to her first Seth Conference in 1997 and continued every year after that going with her mother, Dawn McKay. She became an official committee member to the Colorado Seth Conference in 2004. Putting on the best Colorado conference possible was a yearly passion of hers until the conferences ended in 2010.

Morgan was raised in a unique situation with her mother, aunt, and grandfather all involved with the Seth Material and later involved with The Teachings of Abraham. From a very young age she began to believe she creates her own reality which changed her entire life. She read anything metaphysical she could get her hands on. She realized that although she may follow many paths in life, pursue many different careers, sharing the information that people create their own reality was her life's purpose and passion. Morgan recently became a mother to her beautiful daughter, Lennon, and has her second daughter, Skye, on the way.  Both Morgan and her mother, Dawn, are so thrilled and excited to help raise these two girls with the Seth Material and help them never forget all the truths they are born knowing.  Join Morgan, Dawn and these two new 4th Generation Sethies for their delightful presentation at this year's conference.

Sharon Sieber

Sharon SieberSharon Sieber is professor of Spanish and Spanish (American) literature, and is a wayward soul who finds the Seth material far more creative than academe. However, the two important streams of making a living and living one's life purpose have found symbiosis in her published material to date, and she has published several articles on simultaneous time in modern literature. She hopes to collect her articles into a book on simultaneous time in the near future. She has been a Fulbright scholar to Colombia and an NEH participant in two summer institutes in Mexico. She edits a journal called Rendezvous, and is working on a future project regarding South American and Native American literature and time.

Paul Helfrich

Paul HelfrichPAUL M. HELFRICH, Ph.D., has explored the Seth Material over 30 years. He has been a regular attendee of Seth conferences and related gatherings since 1996, and the admin for the Sethnet email list from 1998-2009. He has been a regular presenter at East and West coast Seth conferences including Seaside, OR (1998), Elmira, NY (1999), S2K, San Diego, CA/New Haven, CT (2001), the Colorado Seth Conference (2006-2009), California Seth Conference (2010), and LA Seth Conference (2009-2010). His new book Seth: The Ultimate Guide (2011) provides an overview of the central concepts, stories, and exercises in the Seth Material in a question and answer format designed to reveal the secrets of how you create your own reality. He is the co-owner of NewWorldView, a provider of educational media and programs that artfully help you realize your unique purpose in life—the source of your greatest fulfillment.

Helen Stewart

Helen StewartHelen began reading the Seth material in 1972, and that changed her life. Helen is a frequent public speaker on metaphysical matters in general, as well as on the Seth material in particular. She also taught Seth classes online and in person beginning in 1992. The intuitive readings she gives for individuals and businesses are rooted most profoundly in Seth concepts, as well as in other broadly shared metaphysical philosophies. Helen lectures and offers workshops in English and French in the U.S. and abroad.

In her current work, Helen specializes in business applications of intuition. She has a special interest in intuitive contributions to leading edge science, technology, and spirituality. She consults with individuals, practitioners, and businesses in the U.S., Europe, and the Caribbean. These applications include partnerships, mergers and acquisitions, new product development, futures and trends, national and global events that might impact a business, and other matters, including the search for personal fulfillment in the world of work. She calls the process “seven second decision making.” Her website is found at:

John Barker

John BarkerJohn Barker and his wife Betty are avid Seth readers and have made the Seth material a foundation of their relationship and their world view for more than 35 years.  John has a doctorate in education and spent the last 20 years of his career teaching gifted and talented students.  John is an avid reader and has a long term interest in psychology, philosophy and history. At last year's California Seth Conference, during a conversation with Lawrence, John felt guided to further study  "The After Death Journal of An American Philosopher".  He also began reading the original writings of William James.  John has found that the writings of William James in life and death are consistent in style and content in a way that substantiates the genius and authenticity of Jane Roberts, and may be an interesting way of introducing skeptics to the Seth material.

Miles Blount

Miles BlountMiles  Blount has been a presenter for Got the Secret, a group in Palm Harbor, Florida, since 2008. The group focuses on the Law of Attraction, and Miles incorporates Seth principles into his presentations for a weekly group of 20 – 50 participants. In 1972, a friend gifted Seth Speaks to Miles and he has been an avid follower of the Seth material ever since.  He has used Seth’s practices throughout his life and applied Seth principles in his professional life with remarkable results. At Miller Brewing Company, as Cost Improvement Coordinator, Miles received the company’s prestigious President’s Award for saving the company $50,000,000 over a 5-year span.  When Miles went back to school at Syracuse University, he graduated at the top of his MBA class and was honored with an Outstanding Academic Achievement Award. Later, at Coca-Cola, Miles turned around their maintenance department by empowering employees and doubling efficiencies. For Miles, every day is an exciting adventure that begins each morning by studying Seth and preparing for his Saturday Seth presentation. Miles and his wife Reba study and practice together with amazing results in their everyday life.

Beverley Kane

BeverleyKaneBEVERLEY KANE, MD, is on the faculty of Stanford School of Medicine in Palo Alto, CA and Founder and Lead Mare of Horsensei Equine-Assisted Learning and Therapy. Her Stanford-based course, Medicine and Horsemanship, is a Jungian based experiential learning program for doctor-patient communication and psychospiritual awareness. From the late 70s to the mid-90s, she was active in the San Francisco Parapsychology Research Group for which she was editor-in-chief of the PRG anniversary anthology, Silver Threads: 25 Year of Parapsychology Research. The 2nd edition of Silver Threads has just been published as Radiant Minds: Scientists Explore the Dimensions of Consciousness. In 1987, The Seth Material almost literally fell into her hands in a bookstore in downtown San Francisco where she was buying computer programming books. Since that time, she has applied the Seth philosophy to a practical method of self-healing, with her paper Symptom and Significance—A Sethian Approach to Healing, and to her work with horses. Please view her paper


Mary Fahey

Mary FaheyMary Fahey is a long term Seth reader (1974) a lone reader for over 20 years, but enjoyed the coming together of fellow Seth folk through her visit to the Colorado Seth Conference, where she led workshops and inner journeys over the years. She found bumping into the Seth books life changing, and life enriching. Moving from administration to teaching, Mary has taken her work into the mainstream teaching in the Continuing Learning Adult Education field in Waltham Forest, London England, where she lives. Her teaching work was and still is inspired and broadly based on the Seth series of books. Abundant wealth indeedy!

Mary has a practical, intuitive down to earth approach to her work and life and believes in teaching and learning through joy! She has conducted numerous courses, workshops, lectures, talks and personal consultations in the UK and USA and has been featured in the media. Now semi-retired Mary has her own weekly two hour show on a community radio station - Seth through the back door! And enjoys hosting a monthly Seth group now running for 8 years. … Always a joy.

Marianne Alexander

Marianne AlexanderBorn April 6, 1931, Bristol Ct. Started teaching music when I was age fourteen. Graduated Ithaca College Music School 1953, married to Wade Alexander an hour before graduation. Helped raise six children and many of their friends on our Greystone Farm near Ithaca New York. Taught music in public and private schools. Bred  close to a thousand World-Class Sport Horses and three I bred won the Gold Medal for driving in harness in Austria. Competed successfully in Hungary, Poland, Italy and the U.S. and did an exhibition in Dressage Driving for the Queen of England. Founded an International Organization called Personal Ponies in 1986 and established fifty breeding farms across the country using the true Shetland ponies from the coal mines in Scotland. The Shetlands are offered life-lease-no charge—to families with differently able children. It is an all-volunteer organization—about two thousand Shetlands leased thus far. Kept a life journal since age seven and currently transcribing those entries for a book titled “ A Lamp To My Feet”. Also a children’s book titled “Beyond Johnny Cake Mountain”. (Illustrated by Anthony Taber who does illustrations for the New Yorker and Audubon Magazines.) - (Attended Jane Robert’s Seth Classes for two years.) -

Mike Spurkosky

Mike SpurkoskyMike became a fan of the Seth Material when as an avid reader he discovered his first Seth book on his parent’s book shelf at the age of 12. He attended his first Seth class at the age of 16 in the home of Maude Cardwell, founder of the Austin Seth Center in Austin Texas.  When Maude passed the torch to Seth Network International founded by Lynda Dahl and Stan Ulkowski, Mike attended the first Conference held by SNI in 1994 in Seaside Oregon. He is a regular attendee at many of the conferences throughout the States and his desire to speak has grown from the inspiration and desire to express the importance of the material.

Gilbert Anaya

Gilbert AnayaGilbert Anaya first discovered The Seth Material, in 1991, while studying metaphysics with Sylvia Abraham at The Cosmic Lantern bookstore in Long Beach, California. He became a student and teacher of many self awareness studies including Numerology, Tarot, Palmistry, Astrology & The Seth Material. In 1997 he threw all caution to the wind and with nothing but the “You Create Your Own Reality” quote in his head, started his own business in construction and traveled all over the northwest, including moving to Seattle, WA then to San Francisco, CA in 2000. In 2003 he ‘returned home’ to Long Beach, California and now resides in Lakewood, CA still running that construction business. Besides studying the bass guitar and playing in a rock band he also teaches and consults with his favorite subjects, Numerology and The Seth Material. Over the years he has consulted with thousands of clients and now really believes that true expansion of consciousness is something that demands ‘constant reinforcement.’ To that end he runs two Seth Material classes. One is on and runs on the 1st & 3rd Saturday of each month. The other is a Tuesday night Seth class. Gilbert will be speaking about ‘Dreams and Intent.’

Wade Alexander

Wade Alexander In the early 1970s Wade, along with his wife Marianne, attended Jane Robert’s “Seth Classes.”  For three years Wade recorder them on a stereo reel-to-reel tape recorder.  During each following week he edited the tapes to excise class member’s personal information while preserving as much discussion as possible prior to Seth’s remarks.  One set of the tapes was given to Yale University. Wade’s original set was dubbed to cassettes by Tracy and Steve Blumenthal of Ithaca NY.  Wade gave those cassettes to Rick Stack who was to convert them to CDs.

Since the 1970s classes Wade retired from music teaching, became an Alexander Technique Teacher, continued working as a Piano Technician, and has written three books, Sister Elizabeth Kenny: Maverick Heroine of The Polio Treatment Controversy;  There is Another Way: A Companion Guider to A Course in Miracles; and Aural Piano Tuning: Tuning Pianos by Ear.  Wade and Marianne now live in San Luis Obispo CA.

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